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Bensimon Adele Diamond Ring

Engagement Rings

Renowned the world over for our bespoke engagement rings, we at Bensimon pride ourselves on applying the upmost passion and care when handcrafting our unique and beautiful designs. At Bensimon, we understand the timeless appeal of an engagement ring and can adapt contemporary trends and personal touches to ensure our rings are of the highest quality and hold inherent sentimental value.

Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands

Bensimon wedding bands are classic styles produced at the highest level. The rings have been designed with versatility in mind, to match any Bensimon engagement ring or to be mix, matched and stacked in different arrangements.

Cuzstomized Ring

Customized Rings

Bensimon can collaborate with you to co-design design a ring concept and make your vision a reality. Drawing from your inspiration, be it images, ideas, drawings, Bensimon will work closely with you to ensure your ring is perfectly handcrafted as it was envisaged.


Bespoke Diamond Atelier

Bensimon is a world-renowned luxury online diamond atelier, synonymous with bespoke jewellery and beautiful engagement rings. Every piece of jewellery is customised and handcrafted to the client’s exact specifications, meaning each and every ring is unique.

Bensimon Diamonds is a completely online service with clients all over the world.

Our modern approach to jewellery design and creation is progressive and bespoke, which is evident in our collection of contemporary designs.

We deliver an unrivalled creative vision when designing and crafting the perfect engagement ring, wedding band or one-of-a-kind diamond ring. We will always go the extra mile to ensure the ring or piece of jewellery exceeds all expectations.

Not only progressive in design, we eschew the conventional way of purchasing jewellery. We ensure each and every client has access to the absolute best stone for their budget in the world at that time. And unlike the traditional retail model, we don’t pass on overhead expenses or sell pre-existing inventory to our clients, meaning they receive a unique, one-of-a-kind ring featuring a beautiful stone for excellent value.

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“Ron Bensimon travelled halfway across the world to find my perfect diamond and then designed the ring of my dreams! I stare at it every day and can’t believe how lucky I am.”


TV Personality, Fashion Designer and Author