Meet Ron Bensimon

Ron Bensimon was born in Melbourne, Australia and has been surrounded by luxurious diamonds and fine jewellery his entire life. He has a unique passion for handcrafting unique jewellery pieces, and an unparalleled approach to sourcing and selecting diamonds all around the world. Having studied at the Gemological Institute of America, Ron applies his extensive knowledge and expertise to each client to ensure delivery of the very best diamond possible.

He is renowned for his bold and unique approach. In Australia, he was the first to offer an online diamond concierge, and today he continues to push convention through his diamond atelier.

His creative eye for design, combined with his understanding of jewellery craftsmanship, has enabled him to produce some of the world’s most coveted pieces for clients and celebrities all around the world.

Working closely with his team of jewellers, setters and polishers, Ron is relentless in his pursuit of sourcing the most exquisite diamonds to design the perfect engagement ring, wedding band or diamond jewellery gift.

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