Jewellery Care

To best protect your piece of Bensimon jewellery remove it before any activity, which may cause damage, such as playing sport, swimming, cleaning, exposing it to abrasive surfaces or knocking it.

Professional Care

Bensimon suggests professional jewellery cleaning every six months with a jeweller that specialises in polishing. This will ensure the piece is professionally polished and will remove any scratches or tarnishing.

Private Care

Bensimon suggests cleaning your jewellery at home regularly to avoid build up from exposure to skin products, oils, clearning products etc. The following cleaning methods are recommended:

  • Use boiling water with mild detergent to soak for 30 minutes and then brush jewellery with a soft brush (e.g. a toothbrush).
  • Rinse and air dry until completely dry before storing.

Avoid harsh cleaning of your products as this may cause damage.

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