The new year has rung in, it’s 2020, a new decade and an exciting time in the engagement ring world. New trends are emerging and at Bensimon, we are inundated for requests for designs which are progressive and push the boundaries of classic ring designs. 

Women and men today, are seeking something different from traditional engagement ring styles, there’s a strong sense of individuality and personal style developing and as a jeweller, it presents a new and interesting era in what is an industry steeped in tradition.

Bensimon has been known to create unique and contemporary designs, which have become trend leaders, such as the Limited-Edition Signature Cushion Cut Ring in Rose Gold, which has dominated top ring lists for more than three years. The creative team take inspiration from travel, fashion runways, couture shows, artists and rely on their intuition to inherently know what works in creating a stylish on-trend piece.

Today, engagement ring trends are driven by celebrities, royalty, influencers, sportspeople, fashion trends and cutting-edge jewellery designers.

GIA-graduated gemologist and second-generation diamantaire, Ron Bensimon, from Bensimon has seen trends evolve over his decades in the industry. The private jeweller and co-founder of Bensimon shares his top trends for 2020.

Oval Shaped Diamonds

Ovals always re-emerge on top trend lists every few years because they are very beautiful stones. They offer a more expansive and appealing spread compared to a round brilliant cut of the same carat weight. 

It’s also a more exclusive diamond because it’s rare to find an oval with perfect proportions. If the cut isn’t perfect, the oval can appear too wide or too long for the ring.

The oval trend has also been driven by celebrities over the years including Blake Lively, Erin Foster, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Kirsten Dunst, Jerry Hall, Rose Leslie and Whitney Port, but in 2019 Hailey Bieber topped this list. Married to Justin Bieber, Hailey showcased her spectacular solitaire ring in her black and white wedding shots, which went viral on Instagram and numerous online channels. Her perfectly proportioned 6-8ct oval cut diamond was set on an 18k gold ring, and following her wedding was flanked by V shaped diamond wedding bands.

Rose Gold Ring

Rose gold also known as ‘pink gold’ first shot to popularity in the 1920’s when Cartier released the Trinity Band, linking three individual white, gold and rose bands together. More recently, it has been on a trajectory for the last three years. Rose coloured gold can vary in colour depending on the copper / gold ratio used, the more copper, the more red the gold.
It spikes in popularity because it offers something different compared to traditional gold and white engagement rings, which are most prominent.
Rose gold is appealing because similar to the rose flower it symbolises ‘romanticism’. It also suits many skin colours and has become hugely popular in fashion jewellery, including dress rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Special Personalisation 

Personalisation on engagement rings has been a trend for a few years now, but what we beginning to see today, is a more sentimental personalisation rather than the couples’ initials.

Just recently, we had a client who requested a rare Argyle Pink Diamond placed under the centre stone on the underside of the ring. Not only a romantic touch, this addition makes the ring is truly exclusive because the pink stone having its own Argyle Lot Number.

Today, personalisation is extending to zodiac signs, constellations, spiritual motifs, angel numbers through to longitude and latitude numbers of a memorable destination.

While the engagement ring is on show for everyone, the special element of personalisation is something the couple can share discreetly together.

Side Set Stones

Traditionally, diamonds have been set a particular way in an engagement ring and has been done so for hundreds of years. 

What we are starting to see today is the stone placement being changed up. For example, brides-to-be are requesting emerald cuts to be set horizontally on the ring, rather than vertically as they are commonly placed. 

This also goes for elongated cushion cut diamonds, oval cuts, marquise cuts and the placement of a pear, which has always been questionable – is it a pear or a tear drop?

*Image referenced by ‘Danhov’ Per Lei – Single Shank Engagement Ring

Less Is More – Thin Bands

Steering away from larger metal or diamond set bands, the trend of a thin band is growing. 

An increasing number of our clients are requesting a ring style with a thin band or a thinner style than it was created with.

A thin band is not only a more delicate style it also helps amplify the centre stone, making it appear larger in size compared to a thicker band.