Bensimon Referral Program


Close friends are everything, particularly the role they play at major milestones such an engagement and getting married.

This is why we have introduced the Bensimon Referral Program. Friends can be integral to the all-important engagement ring selection all whilst benefiting themselves as well.

When a Friend (A) refers Friend (B) who then purchases a Bensimon engagement ring, Friend (A) will receive AUD $500 and Friend (B) will receive AUD $500 towards their ring purchase.

There are no limits, you can benefit from every referral you make, once your friend has paid in full for an engagement ring from Bensimon.

So, help a girlfriend out.

To redeem the offer, please email with the following details:


  • Your name (first name and family name)
  • Your email
  • Your friend’s name (or their partner’s name) (first name and family name)
  • Your friend’s email 
  • Your friend’s phone number (including country code)
  • Please confirm how would your friend would prefer to be contacted by our team (email phone, or WhatsApp) 


Your nominated friend (B) or their partner, will be contacted by our team to discuss their engagement ring preferences and we will provide them with some different options and quotes to consider.

We respect your friend’s privacy. Under no circumstances will Bensimon use your friend’s details for any purpose other than informing them about the Bensimon Referral Program.

If any information is incorrect or incomplete, we will contact you in the first instance to confirm details.


Terms & Conditions



  • The redemption is only valid once the referee (Friend B) purchases an engagement ring from Bensimon and has paid in full
  • You cannot refer yourself
  • You must provide full details for yourself and your friend (first name and family name) or their partner
  • The monetary amount will be deposited into a nominated bank account of the referrer (Friend A) after the engagement ring has been paid in full
  • The monetary amount will be paid in Australian dollars 
  • Offer is valid worldwide
  • Offer is only valid for engagement rings and diamonds
  • This program is valid up until 31st December 2019 


Please contact us with any questions.